Caregivers and teachers in preschool programs in Virginia are required to obtain 16 hours of professional development annually. In addition, educators are required to be observed twice per year using the CLASS® tool, requiring a deep understanding of quality interactions. 

Virginia Early Learning Partners provides teacher continued education hours through a self-paced training platform. Partnership centers can use the platform at no charge for their current staff, and all licensed centers and family day homes in Henrico County can enroll teachers in classes for a small fee, If you are interested in providing ongoing training and your program is located outside of Henrico County, please request information by emailing Robin Rowland:

Owners & Administrators

Virginia Early Learning Partners offers a variety of support services to early learning sites that want to increase the quality of their programs, the financial stability of their business or ensure their compliance with state regulations.

Services include:

  • Child / Staff File Compliance
  • Billing procedures (maximizing income)
  • Budgeting (minimizing expenditures)Classroom renovation
  • Staff / Administrative training
  • Creation of policies and procedures
  • CLASS observations and coaching