Virginia Early Learning Partners (VAELP) is an initiative of the Henrico Education Foundation that focuses on programs that build kindergarten readiness. Using a three-pronged system, VAELP increases access to eligible 3- and 4-year-olds to quality preschool programs.

First, VAELP supports public programs in Henrico County that parents can access for their 4-year-olds. These programs are supported by the Virginia Preschool Initiative (VPI) and Head Start, and utilize classrooms in county Elementary schools. VAELP will help guide parents through the process of enrollment if this is the best choice for your family. Through a partnership with HCPS, families that do not secure a space in a public program will be referred to VAELP.

Committed to providing quality experiences, VAELP works with private childcare centers throughout the county to rate and improve the quality of their program so that they can offer tuition assistance to qualified families. For the 2023-2024 school year, VAELP has partnered with 30 centers to provide families with a full day choice for their preschool experience. These centers also allow for children as young as three to participate in funded preschool programs.

Finally, the third focus for VAELP is building a network of early learning programs designed for the out of school time hours. These programs will provide extended educational opportunities for young children during non-school hours and days, that support a family’s work needs. Early in 2023, VAELP will begin providing educational programs in public and private centers to build a robust out of school program.